Triogen is a member of the Degrémont Technologies division of Suez Environnement, along with its sister Ozonia companies, who are based in Switzerland, France, USA, Korea, China and Russia. Triogen is responsible in the UK and Ireland for the industrial applications of ozone and UV, carried out elsewhere by Ozonia branches.

Because of its comprehensive portfolio, Triogen can offer a wide range of solutions for industrial applications. Triogen's products have been designed so that they can be integrated into all types of treatment steps with the minimum amount of work and time. Equipment technologies include a large spectrum of UV reactors and ozone generators. Depending on the application in question, Triogen can supply either a single technology or adopt a multi-process approach to achieve the desired result.

Residential Pool Disinfection Systems

Private Pools

The water purification systems shown are most commonly used on residential pools, all of which are easy to install and maintain and will give superior water quality.

If the pool is solely for family use, then an ozone generator can be used in conjunction with an ozone compatible copper based algaecide without the need for other sterilisers such as chlorine or bromine. In the event that the pool is to be used for mixed bathing on occasions, then a chlorine tablet can be added to prevent cross contamination.

Large Pool Disinfection Systems

Commercial Pools

The water purification systems shown are most commonly used on large pool installations such as local authority pools, Aquaparks and Olympic pool complexes.

The choice of which product to use is really based on the pool volume, expected bather loading and customer choice with regard to the use of either ozone or UV, both of which have different merits.

Aquarium Disinfection Systems


Large municipal aquariums and zoos disinfect water with ozone to protect the different species in their care from infection due to water borne virus and disease. Because ozone is easy to control without a long-lasting residual, aquatic animals are also protected from irritation around sensitive areas often associated with chemical disinfectants. Large aquariums also use ozone to improve the water clarity for maximum impact on the viewing public.



Disinfection by ozonation or UV-irradiation are two methods often applied in Aquaculture by Triogen and its business partners worldwide.

Bacterial and viral diseases create serious problems in aquaculture. Use of surface water in flow-through systems represents a risk of contamination by introducing waterborne fish pathogenic microorganisms. Such contamination results in heavy losses in aquaculture worldwide, and has also limited the progress in commercial farming of new aquacultural species.

Ponds and Water Features

Ponds and Water Features

Triogen Ltd. provides solutions for reliable protection against biological contaminants commonly found in indoor pond & water features that can prove hazardous to health.

The low-pressure high power UV lamps with high purity quartz sleeves, and UV intensity monitoring, allows units to be readily fitted to any new or existing water treatment facilities as the space requirement is minimal and can be installed vertically if required.

Industrial Disinfection Systems

Industrial Disinfection Systems

Triogen has considerable experience in the industrial uses of the group’s ozone generators and UV systems, many of which are manufactured at its East Kilbride base. The equipment is used in many industrial applications such as waste water, potable water and process and high purity water. Other applications include cooling towers, water bottling and pharmaceutical water purification.