Residential Pool Disinfection Systems

Private Pools

The water purification systems shown are most commonly used on residential pools, all of which are easy to install and maintain and will give superior water quality.

If the pool is solely for family use, then an ozone generator can be used in conjunction with an ozone compatible copper based algaecide without the need for other sterilisers such as chlorine or bromine. In the event that the pool is to be used for mixed bathing on occasions, then a chlorine tablet can be added to prevent cross contamination.

Compact Ozone Generator for Private Residential Pools


The Compact range of wall mounted ozone generators incorporating ceramic corona discharge modules for powerful performance and long term reliability whilst operating under vacuum for operator safety. A full range of accessories are available including compact vacuum air dryers, contact-degassing units, vent systems,injectors and pumps. By combining units, outputs range from 1 to 8 grams per hour.

UV Ozone Generator for Private Residential Pools


The UV250/500 range of low output wall mounted ozone generators incorporating high intensity low power UV lamps specifically designed for residential pool and spa use. The systems operate under vacuum conditions for operator safety and a full range of accessories are available including degassing units, injectors and pumps.

TR2 UV Disinfection for Private Residential Pools

TR2 Ultra UV

The TR2 range of ultraviolet units is designed to provide residential swimming pools and spas with a cost effective UV system for disinfection and improved water quality. The reactor bodies are manufactured from UV inhibited polymeric materials making them suitable for use with pools utilizing salt water chlorinators or standard chemical dosing. The units simply connect to a suitably protected mains power supply and come complete with union adapters, pressure gauge and flow-switch. Units are available for flows of 11, 22, and 32m³/H.

UVASPA SS medium pressure UV system


Uvaspa SS range of equipment is a cost effective addition to the range of Triogen UV systems offering small/private pools, spas and aquariums the benefits of medium pressure UV technology at lower cost. The reactor body is supplied in stainless steel with uPVC connections. The units have a unique lamp and thimble removal system which allow an easy manual cleaning without the need of special tools. Units are available for flows up to 75 m³/h.


UVAZONE Series 150

The UVAZONE 150 offers the unique process of advanced oxidation for treatment of commercial swimming pool water. This process combines the disinfection properties of ozone and UV making the UVAZONE 150 the most advanced pool water purification system available.

Ozone output: 6.25 g/H
Other Applications: Commercial PoolsAquariumsAquaculture
Process: Full flow / Slip stream
Technology: AOP Ozone + UV
Ozone production technology: Corona discharge
Ultraviolet technology: Low pressure lamp
Feed gas: Air with O2 concentrator