Ozone Disinfection


Ozone Disininfection

Ozone is a gas that is a highly active form of oxygen, hundreds of times more powerful and effective than chemical treatments such as chlorine. Ozone oxidises the urea/ammonia responsible for chloramine production as well as chloramines formed. This precursor reduction also leads to reductions in THM levels. Generated on-site, dissolving ozone gas in water kills all bacteria and viruses leaving water with the highest level of clarity and brightness, free from odour and taste. All Triogen ozone systems operate under full vacuum, thus eliminating the risk of ozone gas leakage.


  • Proven ability to safely reduce free chlorine levels
  • Substantial reduction of chloramines and chlorine consumption
  • Effective against chlorine-resistant microorganisms
  • Reduced skin and eye irritation
  • Reduced THM levels
  • Significant improvement to water and air quality
  • Significant improvement to water clarity
  • Improved algae control
  • Savings in power and make-up water consumption
  • Ozone generation at negative pressure for safe operation
Ozone Disininfection


Compact Ozone Generator for Private Residential Pools


The Compact range of wall mounted ozone generators incorporating ceramic corona discharge modules for powerful performance and long term reliability whilst operating under vacuum for operator safety. A full range of accessories are available including compact vacuum air dryers, contact-degassing units, vent systems,injectors and pumps. By combining units, outputs range from 1 to 8 grams per hour.

UV Ozone Generator for Private Residential Pools


The UV250/500 range of low output wall mounted ozone generators incorporating high intensity low power UV lamps specifically designed for residential pool and spa use. The systems operate under vacuum conditions for operator safety and a full range of accessories are available including degassing units, injectors and pumps.

TOGC8X, 13X & 45X Ozone Package

TOGC8X, 13X & 45X Ozone Package

The TOGC8X, 13X & 45X are corona discharge ozone generators with variable output complete with an integrated oxygen concentrator and compressor. These models produce up to 8g/h, 13g/h or 45g/h, respectively, for smaller industrial ozone applications.

Each system incorporates function indicators, feed gas flowmeter, oxygen concentrator and variable output control, as well as a compressor driven oxygen concentrator with automatically regenerated desiccant columns.

OZAT® CFS Series Ozone Package

OZAT® CFS Series Ozone Package

The OZAT® CFS range is Triogen's answer for small to medium sized ozone applications. The design is based on feedback from hundreds of operators and includes the latest technology to ensure continuous operation at full load in industrial environments.

An OZAT® CFS range integrates the ozone generator, the power supply, control system, process related control equipment and interconnections inside a single compact cabinet. The control system ensures flexible operation and allows integration into all types of plant concepts.

M6 Ozone Generators

M6 Ozone Generators

The M6 range of ozone generators are a cost effective alternative to the M4 Series but utilise the same operating design parameters and water cooled corona discharge modules. The generators include air dryers and are available with either manual or automatic ozone output control.Units are available with outputs from 15 to 200 grams per hour.

M7 Ozone Generators

M7 Ozone Generators

A new range of ozone generators that are a direct replacement for the M4 range. These units have been designed to operate under vacuum conditions thereby eliminating the possibility of ozone leakage. The generators include air dryers with pre-chiller, dewpoint monitoring and now incorporate frequency inverters for higher ozone yield as well as fully variable automatic ozone output control. Standard units are available with outputs from 65 to 650 grams per hour - higher outputs on request.